Thursday, 25 February 2010

Learned Helplessness

In the study of learned helplessness by Martin Seligman they found that animals would just give up. This relates to people day to day affairs especially in women because also like the dogs humans tend to generalize and give up. The reason thhis relates to women is because women have a hard time loosing weight ( men as well but its mroe common in women). In order to loose all that weight women turn to every type of diet they can find. But do diets really work? NO they dont because on that diet you are not eating the way you will eat the rest of your life. Then the "Yo-Yoing" of diets comes into play. When you eat foods that you do not really like you say "its just for the diet" but once reaching your goal you start slowly eating back to the way you did before and gain the weight back, a rebound. Having that happen to most women more than a couple of times they give up and just let themselves become fat and unhealthy.

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